Self Empowering Series

As a follow up to the Inner Negotiation Workshop, this six week self empowerment program focuses on the individual experiencing, expressing, and manifesting power in life. Each area: job, relationship, home, health, body, family, and lifestyle are reviewed to ascertain whether the participant is getting what she/he wants. The seminar concentrates on the personal empowerment of the individual and on the tangible results she/he wants to create.

Participants examine objectives that help to fulfill their dreams. The personal empowerment program utilizes the principles of the Inner Negotiation Workshop (INW) applied to daily life. Each area of life is addressed: physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, and interpersonal in order to help participants formulate their next set of goals, and go for everything they truly want out of life. Participants are provided with a safe environment to breakthrough old patterns and formulate new, healthy behaviors.