One to One Coaching

“In order for something to come into existence, you must first imagine it; be willing to conjure a desired future which yet doesn’t exist. You must look inward, examine what you want while imagining what could be and then allow the door of possibility to open.”

Why People Seek Out a Professional Coach…

  • To sort out options and determine the most preferable direction
  • To uncover your personal truth and receive support in achieving your dreams
  • When the stretch between where you are presently and your desired future reality is more than you can imagine, your coach helps you bridge the gap between “here” and “there”
  • Your coach can assist you in overcoming obstacles and breaking through blocks
  • If you are a perfectionist, stuck in a pattern, or want to board the fast track, your coach can help you achieve your goals
  • Your coach will help you sort out your capabilities, preferences, new aspirations to choose what is in your best interest, and then embark on your new venture
  • When you have experienced setbacks or unfulfilled expectations, your coach can help you process disappointment, disillusionment, rejection, and even shattered dreams, and then get back on track with your life
  • If you have had difficulty achieving your goals, or you’re holding back because of economic conditions, your coach can help you go for it
  • Research has shown that people who believe in themselves are much more likely to make their dreams come true than those who don’t.  If your dream requires you to stretch your self-image, then your coach can help you find the building blocks between your current perception of yourself and your desired future identity

Corporations Want Coaches for a Variety of Reasons…

  • To enhance performance
  • To increase effectiveness on the job
  • To become more efficient, a better time manager
  • To augment gaps in their professional development
  • To prepare them for increasing demands on the job
  • To develop a variety of skills in preparation for leadership
  • To help an employee become more self-confident and focused
  • It is less expensive to hire a coach to support an existing employee, than to replace that employee with a new one!

 Types of Situations That Are Coachable

  • To eliminate gaps between the present and the ideal future vision
  • To break through obstacles like in the movie, “The King’s Speech”
  • To address confidential and sensitive situations
  • To support relocation orientation support
  • To assist transitions between jobs or careers
  • To advocate medical support when encountering a big choice/decision
  • To establish priorities
  • To formulate visions, goals, and strategies
  • To illuminate legal issues that require sensitivity
  • To bridge people concerns regarding mergers and acquisitions
  • To overcome challenges with personalities on the job (or off)
  • To facilitate choice-making from an inner-directed place

 Are you searching for an Executive Coach?

Meet Motivation Management Service, LP and their exceptional ICF Certified Coaches


Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC

Dr. Chérie is an ICF Master Certified Coach (MCC), known to many as the “Mother of Coaching.”  Additionally, she is an internationally bestselling author, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, Master Coach Trainer, curriculum designer, and seminar leader.  Her organization; Motivation Management Service (MMS) has trained millions of people worldwide.  Dr. Carter-Scott has been coaching change successfully for over four decades.  She received her Ph.D. in Organizational Development.  She has conducted media tours in Europe, Asia, and the United States and has appeared on Oprah.

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Michael Anthony Pomije, ACC

Michael Pomije, ACC, worked in sports television for fifteen years then transitioned to become an international lecture agent and Executive Coach.  He is certified ACC by the International Coach Federation and works primarily with executives on work assignments, family demands, discovering their passion, and achieving life balance in all areas including health — one of his passions.  He is an MBTI administrator and uses his skill in his coaching that help clients realize their work preferences, behaviors, and communication styles.

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Their combined experience and expertise in executive coaching, personal growth coaching, and personal development coaching, uses MMS methodology to renew a sense of personal power and positive self-regard in their clients. The resulting clarity regarding self, relationships, career, and personal contribution has been declared “profound” by clients for more than 40 years.