Inner Negotiation Workshop

Dare to manifest your dreams!

If you loved… “If Life is a Game, These are the Rules,” then you’ll also love the Inner Negotiation Workshop – based on this New York Times #1 Best-Seller! An experience for those who want more joy, love and pleasure in their lives.

There comes a time in our lives when we evaluate our present situation and wonder:

  • Is what I have what I truly want?
  • Am I satisfied with my life?
  • Is this my ideal career?
  • Am I involved in healthy, fulfilling relationships?
  • And what would make me genuinely happy?

If you’ve been asking yourself questions like these, we would like you to suggest that you consider taking the next Inner Negotiation Workshop.

The Inner Negotiation Workshop is a workshop designed as a process, with a beginning, middle and end to help you master inner self, improve inner strength and inner motivation. Each participant comes with objectives for the Workshop which will constitute their individual workshop experience. Participants take an inward-bound journey to the place within them that holds the answers to their life questions. This “message center” within you will provide the information necessary to accomplish your workshop objectives and to assist you in designing the next chapter of your life according to what you want, according to your life goals, wishes and… grandest dreams!

A Little Background:

When I was a child I was especially touched by the story The Wizard of Oz. In the story, Dorothy travels down the yellow brick road looking for home. On her journey she meets the scarecrow who is in search of a brain. They team up and down the road they find a tin man who yearns for a heart. He joins the other two and further down the road they stumble onto a lion, who it turns out is longing for courage. Each one is searching for some part of themselves that they feel is missing. Because they have all admitted their deficiency, there is a lot of empathy and support for each other. As they travel down the yellow brick road they encounter adversity, challenges, and obstacles. Through their determination, teamwork, and commitment to get what they all want, they overcome all of the difficulties and persevere to the end of their journey. They are all quite different, their wishes are all diverse, and their capabilities vary greatly, however, they band together, capitalize on their strengths, focus on their common goal of getting to Oz, and support each other in getting what they want.

This model for living implanted itself into Lynn’s and my psyches at a young age. In 1974 Lynn and I set out to create a similar reality for people through our organization – MMS Institute (Motivation Management Service). Our Inner Negotiation Workshop is like the yellow brick road. Diverse people come with various objectives and through the group process everyone gets to Oz, the realization of their dreams. Whether they want to find their heart, to discover their brain, to reveal their courage, find their way back “home,” or something else, all things are possible. We invite them to believe, to trust, and to overcome the obstacles, challenges, and adversities that they experience. At MMS, we specialize in making dreams come true. The experience is magical and since the facilitators are MMS certified coaches, the fulfillment that ensues is very precious.

At the inner strength development, you experience what it feels like to be respected, supported, and valued, you start to become your authentic self and open up the door for unlimited possibilities. When you feel safe enough to tell your truth, encouraged to imagine and explore, and urged to believe in yourself you want everyone to be introduced to this way of life.

The Purpose of the Inner Negotiation Workshop:

The purpose of mastering inner self Workshop for you is to reclaim/renew the relationship with your inner self.

The Inner Negotiation Workshop Will Be Your Opportunity To…

  • Define your vision
  • Set clear, measurable goals
  • Map out your strategy
  • Address any obstacles
  • Heal and complete past incidents
  • Launch the rest of your life

A Two-Day Retreat To…

  • Break old patterns
  • Master self-defeating tendencies
  • Design your rite of passage
  • Ritualize change in a positive way
  • Formulate transition strategies
  • Develop leadership qualities
  • Create new realities
  • Commit to the life you desire
  • You will learn about such rules for being human as…
  • Making peace with the body you’ve been given (Rule #1)
  • Breaking repeating patterns in your life (Rule #4)
  • Healing wounds from past incidents / relationships (Rule #3)
  • Taking responsibility for the past and taking charge of the present to make your dreams become a reality (Rule #8)