Personal Development

When you realize there is more to life than producing and consuming, then you start searching for meaning, satisfaction and fulfillment.

When you are ready to learn lessons rather than criticize, blame or feel victimized, you are ready to design your life.

When you are ready to grow, to take responsibility for your circumstances, to fulfill your life’s mission, then you are ready for MMS Personal Development Program. Many of our programs are derived from Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.’s books.

Inner Negotiation Workshop
Participants take an inward-bound journey to the place within them that holds the answers to their life questions.

One to One Coaching
Speak with an MMS Coach personally.

The Self-Empowering Series
Discover the ways we deny ourselves, hold ourselves back and deny ourselves from having what we really want.

Self-Management Seminar
This day will be about making choices about how you should spend your time and energy. How you feel about yourself is more important than any task.

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