Coach Training

MMS Coaching is a Profound Experience…

whose time has come!

“Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.”  
-International Coach Federation (ICF)

We live in complex times.  We are bombarded by more stimulation than ever before in the history of the world. We need to make more choices in one day than previous generations made in their entire lives. In addition the world we live in is constantly changing. The changes are environmental, technological, political, economic, scientific, and global. We also must contend with task-saturated lives in which responses are expected in nanoseconds, and there is less and less time available to process information and data. In short, there is less time, there are higher expectations, and a plethora of electronic devices that demand attention dictating the need to be “in the know” at every moment causes stress. When you are juggling multiple tasks, trying to get more done than seems humanly possible, and you are faced with decisions you don’t feel confident making… you are not alone. The pressure to make choices and make the right decisions weighs heavily on executives wrestling with expansion, relocation, and reorganization opportunities; it also concerns employees who have to make career choices about changing jobs, relocating to another country, or determining their main “driver” in making these decisions. This is the condition that has given rise to the profession of coaching. Professions come into existence when there is a need; they die out when that need has been replaced.  In this fast-paced, intensive world coaching helps unearth vision and passion, focus motivation and make the dream become reality!

Vision and Goals of the program:

The twelve-week intensive in-person program teaches coaching from the inside-out, using the original and oldest MMS coaching method.  The approach is based on these three key assumptions:

  • People have an “Inner Knowing” regarding what is “right” for them
  • People possess the resources to manifest what they want in their lives
  • People can have their lives be the way they truly want them

inspire-the-clientThe vision for our MMS Coach Training is to train individuals to become “Brilliant” coaches. At the completion of the program, each participant will be able to efficiently clarify the underlying issue, get to the essence of the matter, determine specifically what the client ideally wants, and support the client in strategizing an action plan so that he or she can fulfill or manifest their vision. It is our goal for students participating in our program to fully embody the ICF Ethical standards along with the ICF and MMS Core Competencies, and to be prepared to professionally coach individuals either independently or within an organizational setting.

Who is the program for:

The course curriculum is ideal for people who deeply want to support others in a client-centered approach to make their visions, dreams, and goals become reality. In the process of being trained to become an MMS/ICF coach, they also learn outstanding interpersonal skills.  To learn more about the MMS Coach Training click here: MMS Coach Training Syllabus.

Number of student contact hours:

Trainings are held for a group of 20 trainees, with a leader and a team of MMS trained coaches. Assignments include:

  • Synchronous Training: 100 hours
  • Asynchronous Training: 25 hours

Learning Goals:

  1. To learn to become non-judgmental
  2. To learn how to quiet the voices in my mind
  3. To become a better listener
  4. To be relaxed in my authenticity with another person
  5. To find out what is most important to me
  6. To learn to be fully in the moment
  7. To feel really proud of my accomplishments
  8. To discover what gives and what drains my energy
  9. To respect and believe in myself
  10. To stop being critical towards myself
  11. To examine my perfectionist tendencies and manage them
  12. To be able to delegate with confidence
  13. To live a more balanced, joyful and fulfilling life
  14. To learn how to set and manage my boundaries
  15. To live life from my chosen passion
  16. To be able to say “No” more easily and better manage my agenda
  17. To develop my leadership skills
  18. To manage stress better and stop it before it takes over
  19. To enjoy my daily To Do’s without letting them dominate me
  20. To be calm and self-confident
  21. To find a way to have my voice heard
  22. To discover my blind spots
  23. To design the next chapter/future that works best for me
  24. To transform old habits into new behaviors
  25. To connect and honor my inner voice
  26. To stand up for myself when I need to
  27. To feel equal and okay with others, not better or worse
  28. To learn to be kind to myself
  29. To find balance between thinking and feeling
  30. To become an authentic, effective, and successful coach

Coaching philosophy/model/approach

  • Socrates
  • Carl Rogers
  • David Kolb
  • Maria Montessori
  • Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., MCC

Listing of Lead Instructors

  • Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MCC
  • Michael A. Pomije, ACC

Languages used in the program:

  • English
  • Thai

How the Program is Delivered:

  • Live In-Person
  • One-on-one
  • Telephone
  • Videos: MMSVT
  • Videotaped sessions

Intended participants

  • 20 for each course

Textbooks required for the program:




Become One Claim the Drivers Seat of Your Life






















Requirements for students entering the program:

  • Stable mental health
  • AA degree minimum
  • A sincere desire to become a coach and to help people make choices
  • A willingness to breakthrough “Stuck” areas

Policies of payment and tuition fees:

  • Payment is made in advance of the start of the program.
  • Participants are engaged in a 1.5-2 hour Intake Interview.
  • During or before this process, they are to complete the program questionnaire.

Policies on Withdrawals and Refunds:

Registrations that have been confirmed by Motivation Management Service, LP and which are then canceled by the participant within 4 weeks before the training commences, incur a cancellation fee of 50%. Confirmed participants, who do not notify Motivation Management Service, LP one week in advance that they are unable to attend, shall incur the entire registration fee. Cancellations must be in writing, mailed, and received at the address indicated below. The MMS Coach Training can be canceled if the number of students is below 12 or in the case of trainer illness. In this case, the student can choose to defer the payment to the next upcoming MMS Coach Training.

Additional information on the MMS Coach Training, philosophy, requirements, and intake: