Consultative Sales

Selling traditionally involves convincing, persuading, or talking someone into purchasing your product or service. People often shy away from sales people because they don’t want to get “sold.” What makes Consultative Sales Training different from other sales courses is that you ask questions, focus your attention on the customer or client, and you actively listen to their responses. As you listen to their responses, you can then determine whether there is a match between the person and what you are offering.

Your initial purpose is to determine if this person is a genuine prospect, meaning that they have the desire, the resources, the time, energy, and the authority to purchase what you have to sell. When that determination has been made, you can either let go of the opportunity because the candidate is not a qualified prospect, or you can start to build bridges between their interest and your product or service.

Another difference is the sincere desire to be of service to another. It is as if the “service-orientation” becomes senior to the need to make a sale; the tone of the conversation dramatically changes. There is an absence of struggle, the need to be right, to win, or to dominate.

What makes this program special is the incorporation of the MMS coaching techniques coupled with the sales framework. When you ask questions, without an agenda, and honestly support people in having what they want, regardless of whether it benefits you, you have mastered the art of consultative selling. The ultimate goal of the course is to build successful relationships with customers that endure over time.

Time Options:
Individually coordinated with senior MMS trainers

Who this program is for: 
Corporate Sales Teams

Cost Options: 
Customized to suit client’s budget

Number of Participants: 
Depends on the organization’s needs and wants