Coaching Skills

images-1The Coaching Skills Workshop is a four and one half day program with home assignments and sessions that focuses on coaching skills. Designed without the personal development component, it is specifically meant for Corporate in-house training and is geared to give managers, trainers coaches, mentors and consultants who work together, an experience of the MMS approach to problem solving. Unlike the in-depth, three-month MMS Coach Training process, the Coaching Skills Workshop focuses on the tools while barely touching on the personal development side.

We met with one specific group of technical consultants who were already a successful group of busy consultants; they wanted to learn Coaching Skills in order to be a better coach for the trainees in their in-house Training Programs, and to have the opportunity to ask more in-depth, innovative questions regarding the coaching process. They wanted to ask more probing questions that would generate more responsive answers.

What they liked about the MMS approach:

1.  Determining what a person wants in a specific situation
2.  Establishing a step by step action plan
3.  Supporting the person until the objective is realized

Case Study:One member of the group was highly sensitive and creative. He was experiencing some challenges in his sessions, yet was hesitant about asking questions. He was also fearful of being too aggressive. He discovered a parallel in his business life in that he was unwilling to say what he felt for fear of offending others. As a result he wasn’t achieving the results he wanted in either his sessions nor in his professional life. He discovered that he needed to go the extra mile and risk being judged “too assertive” rather than adhering to his traditional role. His instant behavior change made all the difference in his professional performance on all levels.

Conclusions: As a result of the three-month workshop design with weekly reports and assignment sessions in-between, the positive comments at the conclusion of the program were uplifting.


“My life has changed on a number of aspects in the course of the training. As a coach I have developed a solid confidence in my personal skills. I understand the basics and am quite able to apply them in coaching sessions. “Somewhat to my surprise I have developed a better sensitivity for the emotions of others in other than coaching situations. I still need to learn to act more diligently on my observations.”

Johannes, consultant


Making contact with my authentic self feels good. It is an eye-opener, to connect with myself and ask myself “what do I feel, and what are my needs” in all kinds of professional/personal situations. Being aware of my authentic self, I can make choices that match my personal needs and make me feel satisfied.

Jan, consultant


I learned to ask open questions, address feelings. I know the distinction and separation in sessions of coaching, mentoring and advising. I acknowledge the possibility and capacity for self reflection. I have more trust in my gut feeling.

Patty, consultant


I learned the Empty Vessel Thinking. I developed the patience to come to the right objective and buying in to it. I learned connecting also while addressing process issues.

Nathan, consultant