In 1984 Dr Chérie Carter-Scott’s publication Negaholics was a NY Times best seller…. and featured on Oprah!

When you click on the Negaholic site you can read about all the research that Dr Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC, Ph.D. has gathered on the Negaholic condition:

That research includes how people become negative, why the negativity persists, and how to overcome it.You may know Negaholic people in either your personal or professional life, or you may be a Negaholic, what ever the case, this site will help you get all of your questions answered regarding Negaholism.This is a great site for all to visit and while you are there take the Negaholic quiz and see where you stand.

If you want more information about the Negaholics program, please contact Lynn U. Stewart, ACC at

Negaholics in the Netherlands
September 6, 2010, Dr Cherie Carter-Scott, MCC, Ph.D. was in Amsterdam to present her Negaholics-seminar for the very first time in the Netherlands. The seminar was a great success, see below for some photo impressions:

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