Corporate Education

The Corporate Consulting Services offered by MMS Institute includes Corporate Processes and Corporate Programs for Organizational Development. Our Corporate consulting programs serve the employee training needs of corporations to meet today’s challenges of the business industry. We assist professional teams in aligning their energies towards desired outcomes. We support initiatives and present courses to augment perceived gaps. We act as Change Agents, ensuring that the culture change is effective, efficient and endures over time.

Corporate Processes

  1. Employee Owned Change
  2. Corporate Team Building Program
  3. Customer Service Training

Corporate Training programs

MMS Institute facilitates initiative-driven corporate training programs, motivation management services, workshops, seminars, courses customized to achieve an organization’s business objectives, mission statement and goals.

Our corporate training programs are content-driven that teach specific skills, enhance abilities, and provide a framework for continuing professional education.

  1. Change Management
  2. Coaching Skills
  3. Communication & Conflict Resolution
  4. Consultative Skills
  5. Interviewing Skills
  6. Leadership Training
  7. Performance Appraisal Training
  8. Presentation Skills
  9. Time Management
  10. Stress Management
  11. Termination & Exit Training
  12. Women in Leadership
  13. Goal Setting
  14. Overcoming Negativity

The term “Corporate” encompasses a large group of people with a lot of varied capabilities. Corporate Consultants have different specialties depending on their area of expertise. Most Corporate Consultants, despite their expertise must be excellent analysts, attentive listeners, and firm but tactful communicators.

Our field of Corporate Consulting is Organizational Development. This is the field that deals with people working together in the most productive manner possible. Organizational development plan is the process through which an organization develops the internal capacity to be the most effective it can be in its mission work and to sustain itself over the long term. This definition highlights the explicit connection between organizational development work and the achievement of organizational mission. This connection is the rationale behind undertaking this work. Organization development, according to Richard Beckhard, is defined as:

  • A planned effort…
  • Organization-wide…
  • Managed from the top…
  • To increase organization effectiveness and health…
  • Through planned interventions in the organization’s ‘processes’, using behavioral science and knowledge.

As an outside person, the Corporate Consultant uses observation, active listening, logic, intuition, deductive reasoning, and flashes of insight to provide feedback that illuminates the situation and provides a workable strategy for the implementation of solutions.

Ethics and trust play an important role. It is imperative that management trusts the consultant, and likewise it is essential that the consultant operates with integrity and ethics. Corporate Consultants usually charges a high per diem rate because he or she is dealing with complex systems that often impact millions if not billions of dollars of revenues. A recommendation might save hundreds of millions of dollars for the company.

Corporate Consultants have different styles. Some Corporate Consultants come with a “know and tell approach,” while others ask questions, listen, absorb, reflect, clarify, and summarize. Some Corporate Consultants administer instruments, while others delve into the accounting systems and the books before addressing the people. The approach usually depends on your orientation, style and method. Our corporate consulting approach has always been “Ask and listen” so that the answers are derived collaboratively and the client is empowered to implement the required changes.

MMS Process Facilitation Using MMS facilitation model, corporate processes and corporate programs move individuals and groups to consensus in a supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Time Options:
Individually arranged with senior MMS consultant

The Ideal Licensees:
An independent consultant or corporate trainer

Who this program is for:
Corporate employees

Cost Options:
Based on per diem, client budget, and market

Number of Participants:
Depends on the organization’s needs and wants

The Corporate Negaholic© Book

We have specialized in corporate consulting services for the following industries:

  • Banking
  • Food and Hospitality
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Publishing
  • Technology
  • Telecommunication