Dr. Chérie Carter-Scott, MCC, has over 40 years experience as a management consultant and Life Coach. Known to many as the “Mother of Coaching.”  She has worked with individuals and organizations through various means, including as a Certified Master Coach and as an Inspirational Keynote motivational speaker. She received her Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Development. Dr. Chérie is an international bestselling author, entrepreneur, consultant, lecturer, Master Coach Trainer, curriculum designer, and seminar leader.  Her organization Motivation Management Service, has trained millions of people worldwide.  She has conducted media tours in Europe, Asia, and the United States and has appeared on Oprah.

Dr. Carter-Scott is a New York Times #1 best-selling Author of, If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules: The Ten Rules for Being Human.  She has over 16 titles in print, including Transformational Life Coaching, she has millions of books in print in 40 languages.  Dr. Carter-Scott has taught in over 30 countries on five continents and continues to share her knowledge with the world daily.

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MichaelMichael Anthony Pomije, ACC worked in sports television for fifteen years then transitioned to become an international lecture agent and Executive Coach.  He is certified ACC by the International Coach Federation and works primarily with executives on work assignments, family demands, discovering their passion, and achieving life balance in all areas including health, one of his personal passions.

Currently, he is Managing Director of Motivation Management Service, LP and has worked with MMS Institute, LLC in the United States since 2000.  He is an MBTI administrator and uses that skill in his coaching to help clients realize their work preferences, behaviors, and communication style.

Michael holds a BA degree in Business Management and also has his TESOL English certification.

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lynn headshotLynn U. Stewart, PCC, Director of the MMS Worldwide Institute, BV is based in Amsterdam.  Ms. Stewart is an International Corporate Consultant/Trainer, and Personal Life-Design Coach.  She is a proven expert on human relationships both professional and personal.  She creates bottom-line results for Fortune 500 clients which include: GTE, Burger King, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Meredith Publishing.  Ms. Stewart assists clients in the implementation of corporate visions, goals, and the integration of these into their personal lives.

Clients consistently experience results that exceed their expectations, including job ownership, increased leadership/communication skills, and an expanded self-concept.

Ms. Stewart’s experience in facilitating personal power and positive self-regard in others is said to be “remarkable.”  She has been coaching for over 35 years.

Currently, she serves as a trainer to Motivation Coaching Services, LP as an ICF Professional Certified Coach.

JeanJean-Francois Cousin, MCC is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) by the International Coach Federation, the highest distinction in the profession.

He has coached over 400 executives working in a great variety of positions, most often on leadership development, strategic planning, career orientation, work-life balance and cross cultural management.  His clients originate from over 25 nationalities: Singaporean, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, India, Europeans, North American, Australian, Middle-Eastern, and Japanese.

Jean-Francois also regularly coaches executives groups on leadership, strategy, trust and productive conflict, change management and staff engagement.  Jean-Francois has co-authored 2 books: Coaching in Asia and Untold Stories of Executive Coaching in Thailand: keys to unlock people’s potential.  He regularly writes columns on Management & Leadership for publications.

Currently Jean-Francois is an active trainer with Motivation Coaching Services, and assists with the facilitation of MMS Coach Trainings.

Sitthimet SolthongySitthimet Solthong, Director of Corporate Development for MMS Worldwide Institute Asia, is based in based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Strategic, Maximizer, Activator, Ideation and Empathy are Sitthimet’s key strengths, based on Gallop’s StrengthsFinder; a unique combination of being both outcomes-driven and people-oriented. His past achievement in climbing a corporate ladder is a testament to his dedication and determination in being the best in his fields. After succeeding in a corporate world, Sitthimet has turned his passion into helping people and business professionals improving their lives by pursuing a second career as Trainer and Coach.

Sitthimet’s intuitive coaching ability helps him identify key strengths of trainees and coaches and equip them with necessary tools and knowledge that are relevant to their business needs. He has designed competency-based solutions to leading organizations by partnering with well-known global and local training firms and trained business professionals for both public courses and customized corporate solutions.