About MMS

MMS Institute was founded by Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott in 1974 and is committed to Human and Organizational Development, personally and professionally.  The MMS Organization has expanded internationally, first to The Netherlands in 1988 and then to Bangkok, Thailand in 2012.

At MMS, we know that people excel when they align themselves with their values, talents, and preferences; we assist people in discovering their preferences, embracing their talents, and honoring their values.

For more than 40 years, MMS has illuminated and empowered individuals, aligned and encouraged teams, and inspired and supported enlightened leaders worldwide…individuals and organizations have made the seemingly impossible happen through the coaching and consulting of MMS and their team of highly qualified individuals. We have done this in more than 30 countries, and have books that have been translated into 40 languages.

MMS stands for:

Motivation: the spark of passion or drive
Management: focusing that passion on execution
Service: making that vision become reality

At MMS we support you in a variety of ways:

1)    Coaching for: CEO’s, Executives, Leadership, Management and Employee development
2)    Process Facilitation: Employee Owned ChangeTM, Team Building, Customer Service
3)    Seminars and workshops in Management, Leadership, and facilitation skills
4)    Training in Coaching, Leading programs, group coaching and facilitation


For more information about MMS and what we offer: